Friday, June 30, 2017

Talking Trash With The Boogeyman & Scary Monsters

BENJAMIN JEFFRIES and BRYAN BONNER know what scares you! That shadow in the corner of your room that calls out to you every night and the footsteps in the attic when there cannot possibly be anyone up there. It all have our boogeyman. Benjamin has always been attracted to the dark side of the paranormal. He is author and certifiable madman behind "Lost in the Darkness," "Grim Shadows Falling:Haunting Tales From Terrifying Places," and the most recent "Interview with the Boogeyman: A Monster For All Times." Ben tells hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz on Exploring The Bizarre ( that he's been into monsters and ghosts, folktales and legends for as long as he can remember. Bryan and his partner Baxter use sound scientific methods to investigate everything from psychics to ghosts, poltergeist, cryptids and UFOs. Together they formed the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society in 1999 and how host haunted diners and recreate Victorian Seance in an authentic atmosphere. Free newsletter

High Strangeness Native Americans: UFOs, Abductions, Crptids, Sky People

Tim and Tim speak with Ardy Sixkiller Clarke and JC Johnson about some of the strangest events that have transpired to Native Americans on and off the reservations. These are mostly modern-day occurrences with a few historical events and include abductions by the "Sky People," living among the Ultra-Terrestrials, acknowledging Bigfoot as a friend,. Program is dedicated to the late Chris Warner Dickey who had numerous experiences on Second Mesa and who was hypnotized by Dr Leo Sprinkle.. Read Encounters With Star People and American Indian UFO-Starseed Connection.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Occult Icons & The Matrix: PK Dick, Ken Anger, R.A. Wilson, Manson, LaVey

Its a strange universe out there and our influences are many and varied. Exploring The Bizarre's Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome Valerie D'Orazio and Adam Gorightly who discuss the most powerful Occult Icons -- both positive and negative -- of our time. We take a deep, sometimes dark, look at the careers or Kenneth Anger, John Keel, Philip K. Dick, Anton LaVey, Timothy Leary, Dr. John C. Lilly, David Bowie, Charles Manson, Robert Anton Wilson, and try to figure out why we love -- and hate -- them so much. Valerie is an author and editor who has worked for MTV, DC Entertainment, Heavy Metal and is editor at Adam is known for his pop culture books and interest in psychedelics. His next work will be on UFO Contactees. Free newsletter

Friday, June 16, 2017

UFO Scavenger Hunt - DC Flap, Cop/Pilot Sightings, ET Encounters

The world of UFOs can be a magical one. Join Exploring The Bizarre hosts Tim and Tim as they travel down memory lane, revisiting with guests Dr Irena Scott (author "UFOs Today") and Rick Hilberg (publisher UFO Digest) some of the most classic cases from the UFO flap over DC, to the weird humanoids sighted in France and Italy during the mid 1950s. If you think you know all there is to know about UFOs throughout modern history you are barking up the wrong tree. Visit UFO hot spots. Learn about the "alien" who chased a patrol car at over 40 miles an hour. Sightings galore by pilots. Radar tracking. Bring your own bell-shaped UFO and join in the fun. Free newsletter

Supernatural Terrorists -- Spooks, Spirits, Hexes, Parasites

You can call out the Marines but they won't do you any good when you're dealing with denizens of the dark. This weeks Exploring the Bizarre host Tim Beckley welcomes L'Aura Hladik Hoffman, author of "Ghosts of the Poconos" and Director of the NJ Ghost Hunters Society, and our special paranormal sidekick Paul Eno. Here are some of the most chilling tales of supernatural which go beyond the "ordinary" even in this field. Paul is the host of Behind the Paranoral and author of numerous work including "Behind The Paranormal: Everything you know is Wrong." Free newsletter --

Friday, June 9, 2017

Shocking! Magnetic Alien Abductions of Kate Thorvaldsen

Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley/Tim Swartz are joined by "UFO Pro" Peter Robbins and Kate Thorvaldsen live from Norway. Robbins, who was Budd Hopkins assistant for many years, introduces us to this remarkable new abduction experiencier who has had numerous encounters with ETs since the age of 3 when they first appeared to her on Xmas Eve.  She has 25 symettrical implants over various parts of her body where magnets strangely stick to her skin. Something weird is going on in the galaxy and everyone here wants to sort the weirdness out. Free Newsletter: