Saturday, December 16, 2017

Aliens! Poltergeist! Orbs! Krampus! Satan! Dero! – A Mad Universe Indeed!

BEWARE. . .FOR HERE THERE BE SPIRITS! –- This week on Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley an Tim Swartz engage SHAWN WHITTINGTON and PAUL DALE ROBERTS in a haunting conversation. Both guests have had extensive experiences and face to face encounters with things that dwell within the dark boundaries that often witness madness. Whittington is a devout Catholic and an ordained Spiritual Warfare minister, so he tends to see Satan behind almost every paranormal experience. While Roberts has photographed UFOs on several occasions (once near Mt Shasta) and has tangled face to face with those mysterious orbs. God Vs. Evil in the paranormal? You be the judge. Free newsletter from

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

All That Glitters - The Glam Rock Saga of Tim Beckley

The crew of ILLOGICAL CONTRAPTION get their legendary guest to open up and come clean on a variety of topics. Most know TIM BECKLEY  as "Mr UFO" or his horror movie persona of "Mr Creepo." But he has had many other adventures in his extensive career. Back at the height of the NY glam rock scene he was identifiable as the champion promoter  glitter rock, promoting bands and in general hanging out with groups like Teenage Lust, the Magic Tramps, the Harlots of 42nd Street, Satan the Eternal Fireman, Blue Ocean, and the NY Dolls. Many times he was in the same rehearsal studio as Kiss, Talent Recon on Times Square.  He was even on Edgar Winter's Frankenstein album (there is a funny story here) and he was "cool" enough to have David Bowie mention him in his biography. Beckley remains in touch with remembers of these illustrious groups and plans to write a book on the glam rock scene and welcomes photos and interviews from this era at Beckley also discusses his dozen and one synchronicities, as well as living in a computer simulation. Read "The Matrix Control System of Philip K Dick and the Paranormal Synchronicities of Timothy Green Beckley").

UFOS! Aliens! MIB! Bigfoot! Elvis! -- And the Country Western Singer!

Exploring the Bizarre hosts ( Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz pick up their air guitars and welcome country singer and stuntman JOHNNY SANDS along with UFO Hunter and eclectic author BILL BIRNES (i.e. - "Edison vs. Tesla: The Battle Over Their Last Invention). Bill and Tim B met Johnny on episode 34 of UFO Hunters ("The Silencers")  and became instant friends. Sands tells about his career with Elvis, Peter Fonda, Johnny Cash as well as his close encounter with ultra-terrestrials on the way to Las Vegas and his subsequent dealings with the dreaded Men in Black and some strange critters that resembled Bigfoot. 
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Looking At UFOs From A Cracked Mirror

Examining alternative viewpoints on UFOs and related phenomena with SUSAN DEMETER-ST.CLAIR AND MIKE CLELLAND. So much time, research and dedication has been poured into the UFO mystery over the past 70 years. Top Secret documents have been filed, books have been written and movies produced. However, are we now any closer to solving the mystery than we were when Kenneth Arnold had his first strange sighting over the Cascade Mountains in 1947? Timothy Green Beckley and Tim R. Swartz discusses with guests Susan Demeter-St. Clair and Mike Clelland the stranger aspects of the UFO phenomena such as the mysterious connection between owls, synchronicity and UFO abduction. As well, Susan points out that the high-strangness aspects of UFO (and other) encounters could be a path to understanding the human experience that goes beyond normal perceptions. Susan also talks about her experiences as a child with little figures that resembled elves, and her later perceptions of a wolf entity that may have been an offshoot of her own consciousness. Perhaps we have not been able to find the answers about UFOs because we haven't been asking the right questions. In fact, our brains may be unable to even conceive of the questions that are needed to understand the UFO mystery. We view our world, our reality, as a mirror image of ourselves...and why not? We have no other references other than our own experience. Yet we expect to find answers to something that may be far beyond human conception. We are looking at UFOs from the cracked mirror of human experience and conditioning, growing frustrated when no answers are forthcoming, yet continuously tantalized by the brass ring that seems to be forever just out of reach.

You Can't Ignore UFOs...But Many Do

Father and daughter WILLIAM KENT SENTER and LINDSAY SENTER share their interest in UFOs with Timothy Green Beckley and Tim R. Swartz on Exploring the Bizarre!
It can be a frustrating endeavour for those who have spent years investigating UFOs. The subject is often met with bad jokes about drinking and drugs, accompanied by the rolling of eyes and sigh's of boredom. By the 21st century, UFOs had become such a pop culture trope that the mainstream press has taken the attitude that UFOs are strictly for the tabloids.  

Kent Senter, who along with George Fawcett, started the North Carolina state chapter for MUFON, says that anyone who attempts a serious study of UFOs faces severe questions concerning not only their credibility, but also sanity. Kent started The Center for UFO Research N.C. in 2013 and is no stranger to just how weird UFO research can be. One time, after investigating a cattle mutilation case, he came face to face with three bizarre characters who looked and acted just like the traditional Men-In-Black (MIB)!
Lindsay Senter says that due to her father's interests while she was growing up, she is very familiar with the paranormal. From ghosts and spirits to aliens and UFOs, the paranormal is something that is quite normal to her. Lindsay has a very rewarding career, one that involves the paranormal, as she owns a paranormal talent and event management company, Senter Stage Events. Her company manages some of the best and well known talent in the field when it comes to all things Weird, Paranormal, and Magical.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bigfoot, The Greys-- Walkers Between 2 Worlds?

Exploring the Bizarre ( guests JEANNETTE LA TULIPPE and DON YOUNG JR. do not believe Bigfoot and other Cryptids are flesh and blood, but walk between two worlds -- the world of our reality, and the paranormal "Twilight Zone."  For decades, investigators have scoured the forests seeking evidence that Bigfoot
is real. Bigfoot hunters have come back with plaster casts of footprints, photos and videos, and even audio recordings of something strange screaming in the dark. Yet, despite the collection of physical evidence the creature remains elusive, always able to fade quickly back into the shadows.
Hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz lead the conversation with Jeannette who say she has been experiencing encounters with a variety of entities since she was a small child. A great deal of her investigation centers around her experiences and sightings in the Winema National Forest in the Cascade Mountains. Author of "Trail of the Sasquatch," Dong Young Jr has studied with the native Shamans and claims to have had multiple encounters with strange forest dwellers and spirits. PHYSICAL or PSYCHIC MANIFESTATION? Join the debate.  Free newsletter

Mad World of Philip K. Dick, The Matrix, Men in Black, Unexplained Transmissions

Join Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz
as they welcome back TESSA DICK wife of the great science
fiction visionary Philip K Dick (Blade Runner, Total Recall,
Man in the High Castle).  SMILES LEWIS the founder of Anomaly Archives
(Houston, TX) bolsters the conversation which takes in a wide
variety of topics from PKD's "kidnapping" at the hands of the notorious
UFO Silencers, to Tessa's take on the anomalies experienced by
her late husband who saw our world as a computer simulation and
his ability to spin stories into alternate realities. He also warned us of the
police state in which we live and how on "some level" the Nazis won World War
II, and the Empire Never Ended.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Howling Ghosts, Screaming Ghouls, Walls of Dripping Blood

Yes! You should be afraid of the dark insists veteran paranormal researcher BRAD STEIGER and alternative rock singer/song writer SAMANTHA SCARLETTE. Exploring the Bizarre's   Tim Swartz and Tim Beckley (  usher in the Fall season a time when the summer is replaced by the cold, weary rains of autumn and the dank smell of soon to be winters. They come out only at night. An homage to those who once ruled the dark places and nightmares.  Steiger is a living legend who has written widely on UFOs, monsters, haunted dwellings. Currently,  he has over one hundred books in print and is considered among the top Fortean researchers in the world. Samantha is the host of "Blackout" On Idobi Radio, the owner of MK-Ultra 90 Clothing and is also an alternative model. She is thought to be the only female rocker to perform while in aerial suspension. Free newsletter -


Paul Blake Smith and Adam Gorightly discuss sexy alien races!

If you're looking for hot, sexy've come to the right place. This Thursday night Exploring the Bizarre will feature on our stage live, beautiful extraterrestrials who want to dance and insert implants just for you! You've never seen anything like it before as our gorgeous out-of-this-world visitors will fill you with ecstasy and intergalactic erotic lust. Our special guests, Paul Blake Smith and Adam Gorightly, will be your naughty tour guides to the ultimate deep space peep shows and the steamy side of UFOs that go way beyond "extraterrestrial encounters of the third kind."

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cryptids & UFOs: For the Love of Monsters

Filmmaker Seth Breedlove previews "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge" & Peter Bernard tells Scary Stories from his new book.

Who doesnt't like to be get scared by a good monster story?
Certainly,  Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz
find it hard to control their fear when they think of the night Bigfoot
rocked their trailer trash headquarters  and stomped around outside. threatening
all sorts of physical harm. To calm them down, they called in expert SETH BREEDLOVE and cartoonist/writer PETER BERNARD, who welcomed the opportunity to act as a go-between with hosts and creature,  in this version of "monster wars."  Peter is the author of a new book of spooky campfire tales based on his Scary Stories NYC channel on YouTube. Back in the 90s, when Peter developed animation ideas for TV, "Mothman Prophecies" writer John Keel would force Peter to watch TV magic shows with him so Keel could explain how the tricks were done and badmouth the magicians. Peter is a creative genius, a first class cartoonist and animator responsible for the opening sequences of this series. Breedlove, also works in multi media. He is a filmmaker who has written, edited, produced and directed shorts and features under the Small Town Monsters banner. His features include the films Minerva Monster, the Beast of Whitehall, Boggy Creek Monster, Mothman of Point Pleasant and most recently the Invasion of Chestnut Ridge. All of which may be viewed on Amazon.
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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Aliens/UFOs Materialize on Mt Shasta: Consciousness Shift In Works!

Pony on up and listen as Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz question GRANT CAMERON and PETER DAVENPORT. The National UFO Reporting Center director discloses what over a hundred thousand anamalous reports of aerial phenomena reveal and how the Center has been fielding sightings for 40+ years and remains undaunted
in an attempt to resolve the mystery. GRANT tells us that the Presidents know more than we think they do about UFOs, but that its a "slow leak," and not very likely that any head of state will go on the news and tell us out right we are being visited. The discussion takes several sharp turns and the author of "Charlie Red Star" and  "Managing Magic" discloses little known facts about Canada's Wilbert Smith who  established communications as far back as the 1950-60s. He also tells us about an amazing series of ET contacts on the sloops of Mount Shasta where the beings actually materialized for many witnesses to see. UFOs are providing us with a massive shift in consciousness, so says CAMERON who is the only Disclosure icon our hosts take series. Free newsletter

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

UFOs, Earth Power Points, Ley Lines, Long Skulls, Lost Races

Guests DR GREG LITTLE and  MARIA WHEATLEY (live from UK) describe their beliefs to Exploring The Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz 
( Thursday 10 Eastern)  that there are many mysteries in our ancient past that are often disregarded, but that there
are clues to that past around the world in the form of megalithic structures, sunken cities, Indian Burial Mounds, cryptic hieroglyphics,  and more.
It seems like that much more. It seems likely that much of this ancient knowledge, especialy concerning earthly and sacred locations, have been almost completely forgotten. Such ancient sites, built on a straight line system of Leys, could awaken our DNA and memories of the past. Our ancient ancestors possibly created such power places that offer us healing, increased awareness and a way to connect to the ancient Gods (i.e. Gaia). Free newsletter

Monday, September 25, 2017

Inside UFOs With The CIA - Top Secret!

Join Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R Swartz as they go deep inside covert operations of both the aliens and our earthly intelligence organizations. LARRY HANCOCK has long explored the workings of the CIA and the FBI and the "Shadow Warfare" practices of these hush-hush groups. In his recently published "Unidentified: The National Intelligence Problem of UFOs," Hancock brings his knowledge of cultural anthropology, military history and national security subjects to examine UFOs, concluding that both military and civilian intelligence groups failed to resolve what was once official stated to be a serious security and air defense problem. And go off world with UFOlogist PRESTON DENNETT to examines some of the most bizarre ultra-terrestrial encounters as described in his recently released "Inside UFOs: True Accounts of Contact With Extraterrestrials." -- You will meet all sorts of weird beings on board these dazzling craft. The program moves along at high velocity warp speed! -- Get FREE newsletter at

Saturday, September 16, 2017

UFOS, Cryptids, Disappearances & Deaths - A Military Connection

JIM MILES and MACK MALONEY join Exploring The Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz to discuss Strange Phenomena and the Military Connection. They tell us that UFOs have made their presence known during wartime, with sightings made by high ranking officials, soldiers and reporters. Both gentlemen also entertain and educate us to their research on ghosts, hauntings and cryptid creature such as Bigfoot seen roaming Army bases. Discussion also zeros in on the Foo Fighters, Ghost Rockets and Churchill's attempt to cover up an important UK sighting. Free newsletter

Friday, September 8, 2017

Secret Space Program Exposed! A Cosmic Cloak and Dagger

MICHAEL SCHRATT and LINDA ZIMMERMANN join hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz to discuss the concept that some of the mysterious objects sighted by credible witnesses could be part of a top secret space program possibly based upon the back engineering of ET technology. If true who is responsible. Nazi time travelers? Tesla? Skunkworks? The rumors have been around for decades that SOME of UFOs might be part of a the black budget program. Said Senator Daniel Inouye from Hawaii: "There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraining mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself." Zimmerman concedes that some of the sightings in the Hudson Valley could be stamped "made in the U.S.A.," though she points out that reports from the area go back as far as 1900, so that this theory is not totally acceptable. This is one of the best shows we have aired on Exploring The Bizarre. Let us know your feelings. Free newsletter at

Friday, September 1, 2017

3 Fingered Peruvian Alien Mummies - Strange DNA?

BARRY FITZGERALD and STEPHEN MERA (Publisher,"Phenomena"(a free on line monthly) herald what has the potential of being one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of our time -- the discovery of what has become known as, The Council Of Three," the controversial 3 fingered Nazca Mummies of Peru. Many of Exploring The Bizarre's loyal listeners are aware of the numerous headlines being publicized by Gaia TV and Jamie Maussan. But many are asking...are we being fooled again? This is not the first time such figures said to be extraterrestrial have been totted as the real McCoy. Our guests have recently returned from Peru after conducting a thorough investigation that encompass physical examination of the bodies, scrutinizing X-rays, and reviewing medical conclusions and being cast into the murky depths of the illegal black market. Barry has been a frequent on Ghost Huntes International - Free newsletter -

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Paranormal Pets - Supernatural Tigers - Raining Cats & Dogs

DIANE TESSMAN and JENNIFER O' NEIL join Exploring The Bizarre hosts Tim and Tim as  they dish out the supernatural cat nip. Learn about the spiritual bond between humans and animals. Do animals have a soul? Will  your pet survive death? Is it possible for animals  to reincarnate? We've only SCRATCHED the surface. In this unique discussion Jennifer (live from the Hawaiian Islands)  describes how she is able to communicate telepathically with the animal kingdom. She notes that its possible to detect when your pet wants to "talk"to you. She believes the consciousness of the animal kingdom is rising as there is a shift in earthly spirituality. Diane operates the Star Network Sanctuary in St Ansger, IA, almost on the spot where she had her first encounter with her ET friend Tibus. She is author of Earth Changes Bible and UFO Agenda, was an investigator for MUFON, and was placed under hypnosis by Dr Leo Sprinkle. She is a frequent guest on Exploring the Bizarre.  A good book to grab is "Mythical, Magickal Beasts And Beings."  Send for our free newsletter -- new show added every week!

Monday, August 21, 2017

LEGEND TRIPPING: Paranormal Highway to Hell

If you're bored with traditional museums, overly expensive theme parks and decaying tourists traps, then perhaps it is time to wander down Route 666, the highway to hell to seek out places that are truly in the realm of the weird. Join hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz as they welcome ANNA MARIA ELISA MANALO and MICHAEL HUNTINGTON to the Exploring the Bizarre crypt. Here are bone chilling -- first person -- accounts on everything from the Hopkinsville, KY alien invasion to the Muddy Monster who forgot to clean his feet before hitting the carpet. Anna opens with a horrific account of her father's suicide after being harassed by a mothman-type creature who peeked through his second floor bedroom window. Anna also discusses her fascination with horror films and tells us about several screenplays she is currently working on. Michael travels around the USA to historical UFO/occult hotspots. With a long time interest in cryptozoology he recently traveled to Chicago to find the locations to some of the most recent winged creature attacks. This show went by so fast it was like traveling First Class on a 747 (seems like we did)! Free newsletter at

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hidden Treasures of Knights Templar - Oak Island Mystery Unfolds

They were more than just Knights of the Roundtable. They were supposed to be protectors
of the Christian faith. But many were burned at the stake for heresy. They were the richest men
on earth with treasure troves of gold, jewelry and artifacts like the Holy Grail and the Ark of the
Covenant. Hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome RENE BARNETT and BRIAN ALLAN as they explore the Da Vinci Code and the Holy Bloodline. Venture forth into Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and Rennes le Chateau, eventually making their way to Oak Island where the vast horde may be buried in the enigmatic money pit. Free newsletter 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Moody Blues Meet The Aliens: Plus Phoenix Lights, Billy Meier

Ezekiel And Other Biblical UFO Mysteries Revealed

Dr Hynek: Secrets of the Close Encounters Astronomer

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Timmy B celebrates his birthday in the backroom Las Vegas style (ya baby), as Tim Swartz holds down the (Charles) fort with "special agent" (i.e. US Air Force Office of Special Investigations and FBI Security) guest WALTER BOSLEY best known as an investigator of historical occult mysteries, author of pulp fiction novels and a screenwriter who has appeared on History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens.'.
After nineteen years in national security, Walter is a licensed private investigator in California where he also runs his small press publishing company, Lost Continent Library, founded in 2002. Bosley has traveled much of the world, both on the job and off, including trips through Mexico and South America with David Hatcher Childress whose WEX Magazine has published articles by Bosley. Walter Bosley was born in San Diego, California, and attended SDSU where he earned a B.A. in Journalism. He has been employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is an inactive reserve officer in the US Air Force for which he served as a Special Agent of the AFOSI while on active duty, and then worked as a counterterrorism operational consultant for six years following military service. Bosley spends his time writing fiction and non-fiction, as well as investigating strange mysteries, in between PI assignments. The latest news about Bosley's projects can be found at the following blogs: &
I guess we will never really know what went out behind the green door for Beckley's birthday but Peter did manage to sneak in an animation camera and got a few clips which hopefully won't end up on Pron Hub. Happy Bithday to Tim Beckley! Now quick, let's party while there's beer left!

Ghostbusters, Bishop Pike, Heavenly Realms & Proof Of After Life

Next time you see some loose change in the house don't assume its just "chump change" as it could be a sign from a deceased love one. .Nancy Northrop and Maria D' Andrea talk about "Pennies From Heaven," and "dating" in the Summerland. Have no fear death is not the end and you can take it with you. Uplifting and revealing findings no longer considered "fringer" that the name on your tombstone is of little importance to anyone but the caretaker. Live on my friends. Live on. Free subscription

Friday, July 7, 2017

Kenneth Arnold Tribute - 70 Years Of UFO Paranoia!

It all started on June 24, 1947 when civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold observed a fleet of 9 unknown objects which reflected the rays of the sun, and were traveling at over 1700 mph between the peaks of Washington's most beautiful Mount Rainier. Exploring The Bizarre's Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcomes Arnold's grand daughter, SHANELLE SCHANZ to our microphones in a rare interview. She is joined by veteran UFO researcher and optical expert DR BRUCE MACCABEE whose recent book "Three Minutes In June" is a definitive study of this historic event. Going into depth we also learn about Arnold's additional sightings that have never been reported and the threats against him should be speak out on this subject. There are also paranormal incidents in Arnold's life and synchronicities. Not to be forgotten is what Beckley calls the "June 24th Enigma," in which over a dozen UFO researchers have passed away on the anniversary of the pilot's sighting. It is not generally understood that Arnold believed that UFOs might be other than extraterrestrial in original, and was swayed more toward a paranormal understanding of the phenomena in the latter part of his life. Listen to the show live every Thursday evening at 10 Eastern on

Earth Is A Computer Simulation. Is The Matrix Bubble Bursting?

Seasoned journalist and editor of Alternative Perceptions (free on line magazine interviews the esteemed Tim Beckley publisher and editor whose most recent work "The Matrix Control System of Philip K Dick and The Paranormal Synchronicities of Timothy Green Beckley" tackles some very intriguing cosmic questions regarding our Earth being a computer simulation and the "fact" that we may be living inside a Matrix bubble which could be about to burst (and than where will be find ourselves). Beckley is the host of the weekly podcast, "Exploring The Bizarre"...Enjoy this special bonus.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Talking Trash With The Boogeyman & Scary Monsters

BENJAMIN JEFFRIES and BRYAN BONNER know what scares you! That shadow in the corner of your room that calls out to you every night and the footsteps in the attic when there cannot possibly be anyone up there. It all have our boogeyman. Benjamin has always been attracted to the dark side of the paranormal. He is author and certifiable madman behind "Lost in the Darkness," "Grim Shadows Falling:Haunting Tales From Terrifying Places," and the most recent "Interview with the Boogeyman: A Monster For All Times." Ben tells hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz on Exploring The Bizarre ( that he's been into monsters and ghosts, folktales and legends for as long as he can remember. Bryan and his partner Baxter use sound scientific methods to investigate everything from psychics to ghosts, poltergeist, cryptids and UFOs. Together they formed the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society in 1999 and how host haunted diners and recreate Victorian Seance in an authentic atmosphere. Free newsletter

High Strangeness Native Americans: UFOs, Abductions, Crptids, Sky People

Tim and Tim speak with Ardy Sixkiller Clarke and JC Johnson about some of the strangest events that have transpired to Native Americans on and off the reservations. These are mostly modern-day occurrences with a few historical events and include abductions by the "Sky People," living among the Ultra-Terrestrials, acknowledging Bigfoot as a friend,. Program is dedicated to the late Chris Warner Dickey who had numerous experiences on Second Mesa and who was hypnotized by Dr Leo Sprinkle.. Read Encounters With Star People and American Indian UFO-Starseed Connection.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Occult Icons & The Matrix: PK Dick, Ken Anger, R.A. Wilson, Manson, LaVey

Its a strange universe out there and our influences are many and varied. Exploring The Bizarre's Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome Valerie D'Orazio and Adam Gorightly who discuss the most powerful Occult Icons -- both positive and negative -- of our time. We take a deep, sometimes dark, look at the careers or Kenneth Anger, John Keel, Philip K. Dick, Anton LaVey, Timothy Leary, Dr. John C. Lilly, David Bowie, Charles Manson, Robert Anton Wilson, and try to figure out why we love -- and hate -- them so much. Valerie is an author and editor who has worked for MTV, DC Entertainment, Heavy Metal and is editor at Adam is known for his pop culture books and interest in psychedelics. His next work will be on UFO Contactees. Free newsletter

Friday, June 16, 2017

UFO Scavenger Hunt - DC Flap, Cop/Pilot Sightings, ET Encounters

The world of UFOs can be a magical one. Join Exploring The Bizarre hosts Tim and Tim as they travel down memory lane, revisiting with guests Dr Irena Scott (author "UFOs Today") and Rick Hilberg (publisher UFO Digest) some of the most classic cases from the UFO flap over DC, to the weird humanoids sighted in France and Italy during the mid 1950s. If you think you know all there is to know about UFOs throughout modern history you are barking up the wrong tree. Visit UFO hot spots. Learn about the "alien" who chased a patrol car at over 40 miles an hour. Sightings galore by pilots. Radar tracking. Bring your own bell-shaped UFO and join in the fun. Free newsletter

Supernatural Terrorists -- Spooks, Spirits, Hexes, Parasites

You can call out the Marines but they won't do you any good when you're dealing with denizens of the dark. This weeks Exploring the Bizarre host Tim Beckley welcomes L'Aura Hladik Hoffman, author of "Ghosts of the Poconos" and Director of the NJ Ghost Hunters Society, and our special paranormal sidekick Paul Eno. Here are some of the most chilling tales of supernatural which go beyond the "ordinary" even in this field. Paul is the host of Behind the Paranoral and author of numerous work including "Behind The Paranormal: Everything you know is Wrong." Free newsletter --

Friday, June 9, 2017

Shocking! Magnetic Alien Abductions of Kate Thorvaldsen

Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley/Tim Swartz are joined by "UFO Pro" Peter Robbins and Kate Thorvaldsen live from Norway. Robbins, who was Budd Hopkins assistant for many years, introduces us to this remarkable new abduction experiencier who has had numerous encounters with ETs since the age of 3 when they first appeared to her on Xmas Eve.  She has 25 symettrical implants over various parts of her body where magnets strangely stick to her skin. Something weird is going on in the galaxy and everyone here wants to sort the weirdness out. Free Newsletter:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Terror Filled Night: Crawling Lights of the Sierra Nevada

A STARTLING NEW ABDUCTION THAT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Mackenzie Mathis director of the documentary "Ten Eleven O Two" introduces Tim and Tim to Ken Mathis and Adolph Santistevan who spent two nights of absolute terror while camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Their camp was besieged by several alien beings who were accompanied by mysterious crawling lights which later "invaded" the home of the key witnesses. Their sincerity rings true throughout their encounter which is further documented upon passing a polygraph test. FREE Conspiracy Journal subscription,

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Matrix, Philip K. Dick, Synchronicities, Roswell Crash, Maine UFOs

Mayday! Mayday! We are imprisoned in a computer simulation and only the late Philip K Dick can help us escape. Tim B. chats with the organizer of the PKD Film Festival, Daniel Abella about the weird universe of synchronicities and utter coincidences. There is a living, breathing force behind such events. Plus Nick Redfern expands his controversial theory on the Roswell UFO Crash, and Nomar Slevik fills us in on the history of UFO events in Maine. Link to brave new book -

Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse! And 70 Years of Lies!

The UFO wave in the Hudson Valley produced thousands of eye witness reports.. The flap is on a par with the Phoenix Lights sightings. LINDA ZIMMERMANN is author of "More Hudson Valley UFOs," and the novel" Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse" and is featured "In The Night Sky", an award-winning documentary. DR IRENA SCOTT received her PhD from the University of Missouri and has done teaching at the University of Missouri and at Battelite Memorial Institute.. "70 Years Of Lies, Disinformation and Government Cover-up" is without a doubt one of the best volumes on the history of UFOlogy and those involved in it. Hosts Tim and Tim were flabbergasted at the wealth of information that was shared during the show. Free newsletter

Invasion of the "Saucer Men" - Pine Bush NY Photos.Videos

Exploring The Bizarre ( co-hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome to the microphone Dr Bruce Cornet and journalist Harold Egeln. The long time UFO experiencers talk about the tremendous UFO flaps over the years in Pine Bush and Brewster, NY, that included the sightings of manta-ray shaped UFOs, complete with thunderous sounds. UFOs seen over graveyard, open fields, rural roads. Pine Bush now has a yearly alien festival. Sightings in Hudson Valley go back hundreds of years. and Free Conspiracy Journal newsletter

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Women In The Paranormal - History's Finest!. Today's Best! Weirdness!

Don't call them sweethearts. Call them today's most informed PSI researchers. SHAWN ROBBINS, "Good Witches Guide" author tracked Russian subs for the CIA and has long been considered one of America's top psychics. JILL HEINEN investigates haunted cemeteries, residences and historical landmarks for the Paranormal Moms Society (PMS).and Apex Paranormal. JEN DEVILLIER is a medium/spiritual teacher/lecturer and author of "Dark Night Haunting." CLAUDIA CUNNINGHAM i-- known as the MIB Lady to hosts Tim and Tim -- discusses spooky places in and around Albany,NY. Hear EXPLORING THE BIZARRE is live every Thursday on at 10 PM Eastern/7 PM Pacific. One of the hottest UFO/paranormal podcasts you will ever find. Free newsletter at - We are out of this world!


Is there a secret race of reptilian shapeshifters living among us and controlling the world? Len Kasten says the scaly monsters sided with Hitler, control our banking system and have used stealth tactics to master mind the enslavement of humans. Erica Goetsch has a more positive spin on the serpent-like ETs who have communicated with her since she was a child, and continue to contact her even today. Tim and Tim are utterly taken back by these "friends" of David Ike. Free newsletter -

Cheryl Costa: Journalists Discuss UFO Cold Cases - 100K Sightings Analysed

Think you know everything there is to know about UFOs? Guess again. Cheryl Costa' reveals many sensational facts about UFO patterns based on research that went into her "UFO Sightings Desk Reference" book. Dave Toplikar's "UFO Cold Cases: Kansas - Secret USAF Files Declassified" targets 700 cases from Blue Book Files. Free newsletter

Adm Byrd's Lost Diary, Hollow Earth, JFK Assassination, Nazi UFOs

Its the most fascinating conspiracy. Live from Germany, Tim Cridland expands on his research in "Lost Exploits Of Admiral Richard E. Byrd" (ISBN:1606112384) connecting the JFK assassination to the Byrd dynasty, the Hollow Earth theory and Nazi UFOs. Hosts Tim and Tim also welcome Dennis Crenshaw ( and Micah Hanks author "Ghost Rockets" ( as they delve into inner earth mysteries, a concept that is growing in popularity. Exciting coverage from top researcher today. Free sub:

Truth About Giants And Ancient Gods -- Lost History Recovered!

Whopper of a show on the Hidden History of the Americas and the World! Xaviant Haze says that giants walked the Americas. Some of them might have been cannibals. Massive burial mounds have been uncovered containing strange artifacts. Jim Wills exposes mysteries, myths and mankind's secret past. These authors know their stuff. They convinced hosts Tim and Tim. FREE newsletter


PA researcher Butch Witkowski says the Dogmen stand 8 feet tall and if you encounter one your blood will run cold. Furthermore, the cases of unknown creatures are increasing in number throughout Ohio says Investigator Rick Hilberg. Its a puzzling phenomena that no one can explain. Can these "monsters" be associated with UFOs? Do they come from another dimension? Its gone past the point of rationality! Interview by Tim Beckley and Tim R Swartz co hosts of Exploring The Bizarre.


Gather around for an intimate interview and tribute to the grand master of the paranormal. Brad Steiger has written over 180 books with thousands of copies sold over a period of 50 years. He is one of the most loved individuals in the meta realms and always has a world of information to share on conspiracies, aliens, Fortean phenomena. Five of his friends join in to proclaim him King for a Day. Hilberg, Greenfield, Redfern, Eno, Raines. Enjoy and spread the word!


SPECIAL GUEST JUDY CALI There is something about California's Mount Shasta that remains magical and mysterious. Many have gone as visitors to this very beautiful mountain range only to be affected and "made" to stay. UFOs have been seen in the area for over a century. Count Saint Germain the man who lives forever has contacted individuals on the mountain. There is said to be an entrance to the capitol of the inner earth. Bigfoot and other strange cryptoids have been known to wander about. Channelers do their best work here. Metaphysician Judy Cali is among this group. A life of spiritual service to mankind Judy says she was asked by the Lemurian High Priest of Telos, Adama of the Inner Earth to come to Shasta to help form a community called Heart to Heart. She honored the call of the mountain and their Lemurian family and moved there in July of 2009. Judy has been doing intuitive healing work with the Ascended Masters since 3 years old. She was asked by Hilarion, the Ascended Master of the Emerald Ray, to go public with her gifts 15 years ago. While doing a reading Judy receives a whole picture of the person she is sitting with by seeing, hear, feeling and knowing about your soul, thus bringing forward information about Guardian Angels, Guides and Family in Spirit. She was hired by NBC as a psychic for a documentary on Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle which can still be seen on the Sci Fi Channel. SPECIAL GUEST PANELIST JASON OFFUTT If you want to know about unusual locations that have attracted attention over the years you will want to communicate with Jason Offutt who is a a store house of information on the strange and the unknown throughout America. Jason grew up on a farm near the town of Orrick, Missouri. In his life he has been a farm hand, journalist, photographer bartender, and the mayor of that same small town. Jason now teaches journalism at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville and keeps the world safe from the forces of evil. As a kid he looked for Sasquatch footprints and UFOs (one night his entire family saw somethings they shouldn'tj have!). Also one afternoon Jason had an encounter with a full-bodied apparition. Offutt's investigative and writing careers are almost endless. His books include "Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide To The Show-Me State's Most Spirited Spots," "What Lurks Beyond: The Paranormal In Your Backyard," Paranormal Missouri: Show Me Your Monsters," and "Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us." He also also written a number of novels and says he is a big fan of Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. Www. ALSO RECOMMENDED (ON AMAZON.COM) BY TIMOTHY BECKLEY, TIM SWARTZ AND SEAN CASTEEL "Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers And Ancient Gods" -- "The Secrets of Mount Shasta And A Dweller On Two Planets"


Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz honor the later UFO investigator Gray Barker. Allen Greenfield, Steve Ward and David Houchin, head of the Gray Barker Collection located in the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library give their views on Barkers involvement with the Men In Black, the Flatwoods Monster, Mothman and the collapse of the Silver Bridge, as well as touch upon his sexuality which was considered "radical" in its day and time.