Thursday, December 7, 2017

You Can't Ignore UFOs...But Many Do

Father and daughter WILLIAM KENT SENTER and LINDSAY SENTER share their interest in UFOs with Timothy Green Beckley and Tim R. Swartz on Exploring the Bizarre!
It can be a frustrating endeavour for those who have spent years investigating UFOs. The subject is often met with bad jokes about drinking and drugs, accompanied by the rolling of eyes and sigh's of boredom. By the 21st century, UFOs had become such a pop culture trope that the mainstream press has taken the attitude that UFOs are strictly for the tabloids.  

Kent Senter, who along with George Fawcett, started the North Carolina state chapter for MUFON, says that anyone who attempts a serious study of UFOs faces severe questions concerning not only their credibility, but also sanity. Kent started The Center for UFO Research N.C. in 2013 and is no stranger to just how weird UFO research can be. One time, after investigating a cattle mutilation case, he came face to face with three bizarre characters who looked and acted just like the traditional Men-In-Black (MIB)!
Lindsay Senter says that due to her father's interests while she was growing up, she is very familiar with the paranormal. From ghosts and spirits to aliens and UFOs, the paranormal is something that is quite normal to her. Lindsay has a very rewarding career, one that involves the paranormal, as she owns a paranormal talent and event management company, Senter Stage Events. Her company manages some of the best and well known talent in the field when it comes to all things Weird, Paranormal, and Magical.

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