Sunday, July 15, 2018

Startling UFO Artifact And UFO "Crash" Documentation!

At last! A UFO artifact we can believe in! JOHN PEELE a Florida resident could have discovered the Holy Grail of UFOlogy. Proof at last! Thank God proof at last! And listen as special guest HARRY DREW fills "Exploring the Bizarre" hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz in on the events surrounding the UFO "crash" incidents in the desert outside of Kingman, AZ. Several incidents! Not just one! And involving humanoid aliens, a forest fire and a "rescue" like no other with a strange "ambulance." This is all eerie and if you heard the original broadcast over (live every Thursday at 10 PM Eastern/7 Pacific) you will want to play it again. If you watch here on our YouTube channel (please subscribe) you are in for a real treat. It took Tim B. nearly 40 years to find John Peele . . . it was such an important find that he had to keep looking. Free newsletter

Friday, June 15, 2018

Evil Aliens! UFO Hostilities! Fiery Radioactive Burns!

Special Guests Canadian CHRIS RUTKOWSKI and Britisher NIGEL WATSON come to Exploring the Bizarre ( packed with great tales of UFO intrigue and alien hostilities. Hosts TIM BECKLEY and TIM SWARTZ listen awestruck as the cases unfold -- informed of the fact that not all UFOs are piloted by sweet, kind-hearted spacemen. But that they may be responsible for attacks on homes, disruption of power sources (we had one right on the air, no kidding!), radiation sickness, paralysis and attempts to bring down our planes. Chris is the primary investigator of the Falcoln Lake UFO Incident which transpired 50 years ago (the Canadian govt. has even issued a $20 commemorative coin in honor of the encounter, and a annual UFO festival is held near the landing spot) in which a witness was badly burned. Its a good physical trace case to be sure that was even dramatized on TV's popular " "Unsolved Mysteries." Get he scoop with photos by getting Chris's book. Link leads to our blog with lots of photos and information on this sensational case. An historical one! And speaking of historic cases Nigel takes us back to WWI and the first sightings of foo fighters, strange objects with powerful torch lights and what even could be some humanoid encounters. Nigel writes for the "Fortean Times" and is author of numerous sensational books posted on Amazon. He contributed to our own work recently published "UFO Hostilities and the Alien Evil Agenda." Both these fabulous researchers know their stuff -- Hey other podcasters why don't you put on some different guests for a change? These guys are super! Free catalog at

Thursday, June 14, 2018

UFO Hostilities! Evil Alien Agenda! Revelations of Ex CIA Man!

Guests ALAN GODFREY and ex-CIA DERREL SIMS provide startling revelations on the TRUE nature of the UFO "invasion." in our sky -- and on the ground. "Exploring the Bizarre" ( hosts TIM BECKLEY and TIM SWARTZ listen to some of the wildest and scariest tales of abductions by various Ultra-terrestrial races as well as the possible murder of a British citizen. Godfrey is an retired British police offer who found the body of a slain man -- Zigmund Adamski -- atop a coal pile with burn marks to the crown of the head and a large burn mark at the nape of the neck. Adamski had been missing for six days. In addition to this strange occurrence, though officer Godfrey had no prior interest, six months later he had his own encounter at 5 AM along a deserted road. Sims admits to being a retired member of the "agency" He reveals that he first encountered the evil grays at an early age and has collected implants from others who claim to have been abducted. What do the aliens want? What will they likely do to you if they "pick you up?" Free newsletter at Conspiracy -

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Men of Mystery: Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr
Here are the weirdest -- but most important -- inventions created by two of the greatest minds of our time. History Channel consultant TIM SWARTZ is the author of "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla," "The Miracle of Nikola Tesla's Purple Energy Plates" and "Men of Mystery." These are inspired revelations never aired before. HERE IS THEIR STORIES... THE UNTOLD STORIES OF INVENTOR AND WIZARD NIKOLA TESLA AND FREE ENERGY FLYING SAUCER BUILDER OTIS T. CARR Here are plans for a "Telephone" to call other planets. . .An apparatus that can read the human aura. . .a disc-shaped craft that can take us to the moon in under an hour. NIKOLA TESLA - Though chosen to share the 1912 Nobel Prize in Physics with Edison, Tesla refused the award and during his life tore up royalty contracts which would have earned him millions of dollars. Not much is known about this "strange" loner as Tesla spent most of his life in total seclusion. However, those who did know him even slightly say he was not a normal human, but a real SUPERMAN, either a reincarnated master -- or a spaceman with superior mental powers placed here to assist in earth's technological development. OTIS T. CARR - A student of Tesla's, the Baltimore-based engineer believed that every person should have the opportunity to travel to other planets which he believed to be inhabited by human-looking space people as physical as you and I. Based on conversations with his mentor, Carr constructed a flying saucer-shaped device that he believed would take us to the moon and beyond. He received much ridicule and harassment that eventually landed him in jail under bogus charges of fraud -- the government claiming that it is impossible to create an operational free energy device. History has made Tesla out to be merely a scientist and an engineer when he was really MUCH MORE. There is an entirely different part of his live story -- and it is an UNEARTHLY ONE! Free newsletter --

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dirty Ghost Box and the Flying Saint

Join Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim and Tim for a consciousness raising experience! Guests MICHAEL GROSSO and EMILY MENSHOUSE STAKELY tell us all about their paranormal experiences -- and they are juicy ones. Michael Grosso, Ph.D, is a scholar, teacher, author and painter whose interests span psychical research, mystical art, the parapsychology of religion and philosophy. He tells us about a miracle experience where UFOs seemed to play a cat and mouse game with him outside his window in Greenwich Village which lead to a leap in awareness.He has recently written "The Man Who Could Flyi." Emily says that after growing up in a haunted house and God allowing her to have the gift of discernment of spirits, she became interested in the paranorma and has been an investigator for over 15 years. She got her start with the Kentucky Paranormal Investigators and from there she was recruited to be on the TV show "The Paranormal Journeys. Emily has a YouTube channel "The Dirty Ghost Box"which features EVP's of the not so gentile kind. Yes! Spirits do curse! Sign up for free newsletter at

Monday, June 11, 2018

Famous Cases! Aurora UFO Crash to the Hill's Abduction

"Exploring the Bizarre" ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome KATHLEEN MARDEN and TRENT HAGGARD to discuss early UFO crashes to the most modern UFO abductions. Trent has researched the oldest known UFO crash in Aurora, TX when an unknown airship hit a windmill on the property of Judge J.S. Proctor causing the death of the sole alien occupant. Kathleen is the niece of the world's most famous UFO abductee Betty Hill and is currently associated with the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into ET Encounters. Free newsletter and updates --

Friday, May 18, 2018

Night Seige: Big Cats and Giant Monsters (Flatwoods Included!)

Join “Exploring the Bizarre” ( hosts Tim Swartz and Tim Beckley as they hunt Alien Big Cats and Other Small Town Monsters With Guests MICHAEL MAYES and SETH BREEDLOVE.
A cryptid creature is usually thought of as something whose existence has yet to be proved or disproved by science. The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Mothman and the Jersey Devil are good examples. Then there are the things that are known to exist, but are seen outside of their usual habitats. Phantom cats, also known as Alien Big Cats (ABCs), are large felines, often reported as "black panthers," that are spotted in places where such animals shouldn't be around, yet people continue to spot them. Michael Mayes joins us tonight to talk about his new book: ""Shadow Cats: The Black Panthers of North America." Also with us is Seth Breedlove, whose film, "The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear" looks at one of the earliest UFO Occupant controversies. Both are available on Amazon. Free newsletter

Friday, May 11, 2018


The much loved and respected researcher BRAD STEIGER passed away on May 6th (2018) after being critically ill for some time. For over 50 years BRAD STEIGER was the paranormal's quintessential author with over 180 books to his credit and 20 million copies sold worldwide in just about every language. He is best known for his works on UFOs, ghosts, astral travel, Native American Shamanism, Psychic Pets and a wide variety of spooky stories and Fortean phenomena. Approximately a year before his passing a number of his friends gathered to pay tribute to Brad and to converse on how his creativity had effected their own involvement and careers in UFOlogy and the paranormal. Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome Allen Greenfield, Rick Hilberg, Nick Redfern, Paul Eno and Brent Raynes to the studio as Brad learns -- being completely unaware what is to happen -- that he is to be crowned "King For A Day." His final book " Ghosts, Night Terrors, and Threatening Phantomis" is to be published in October 2018 by Visible Ink Press. He is survived by his wife Sherry , loving family members and millions of devoted fans. Free newsletter


Renowned UFO researcher and paranormal pioneer Brad Steiger passed away on May 6th after a prolonged illness. Over the course of 50 plus years, Brad wrote nearly 200 books on a wide variety of Fortean, Psychic and "New Age" topics. He has to this day millions of devoted fans who have consumed his work in a variety of languages worldwide since the mid 1950s when he wrote his first paperback on ghosts. He lectured and traveled widely along with wife Sherry Steiger who co-authored numerous books with Brad and shared his interest in unexplained phenomena.
Join us as Exploring the Bixarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz speak with Brad in what is believed to be his finally interview recorded just before Halloween Published on Oct 31, 2017 . . . Legendary paranormal author Brad Steiger and podcaster Samantha Scarlette joined us to celebrate their favorite horror-filled "holiday." Yes! You should be afraid of the dark insists the veteran UFOlogist and paranormal pioneer.
Steiger who, before his passing, was already legendary as a writer/researcher on UFOs, monsters, haunted dwellings is considered among the top Fortean researchers in the world. Samantha is the host of "Blackout" On Idobi Radio, the owner of MK-Ultra 90 Clothing and is also an alternative model. She is thought to be the only female rocker to perform while in aerial suspension. It was a great show that should not be "lost" so we are posting for all to enjoy. Free newsletter -

Monday, May 7, 2018

It's A Mad, Mad Occult Tea Party - Afraid To Take A Sip?

Melissa Johnson and Sheila Renee Parker join Tim and Tim! MELISSA JOHNSON tells Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swart that she wants to be the goth Martha Stewart. She is descended from antique dealers, grew up at flea markets, and some say was even born in a garage sale. She loves all things weird and creepy and haunted. While SHEILA PARKER is a writer, artist and empath and an expert on all things paranormal. She has had any number of weird experiences growing up and is an internationally acclaimed novelist whose book "The Spirit Within" is an intoxicating story of a betrayed love with a unique supernatural twist. So sit right down. Alice is due at any moment. In the mean time check out our site

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Doing The Monster Mash: Dogman, Whitehall, Bray Road, Mothman

Well known cryptozoologists LINDA GODFREY and PAUL BARTHOLOMEW join Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz hosts of Exploring the Bizarre ( as they do the Monster Mash. Put your right foot up and your left foot forward to find out whats been dogging Dogman and irritating that big flapper Mothman whose moved from rural WV to Chicago. Almost 2 hours of music to your ears all sung by two of the best story tellers in the field of American monster lore. . So grab your partner and get out on the dance floor and send for your free newsletter

Friday, April 20, 2018


It's a mixed bag of paranormal nuts on this week's Exploring the Bizarre (KCORradio). Tim Beckley and Tim Swarts welcomes J. ZOHARA MEYERHOFF HIERONIMUS  who explores the powers and wisdom of sacred White Spirit Animals.   Says the author: " Beautiful rarities of nature, all-white animals are held sacred by many indigenous cultures and offer deep wisdom to all who will listen. In addition to the White Buffalo, there are other revered white animals, such as the White Wolf, White Lion, White Elephant, and White Bear. Each of these White Spirit Animals belongs to a species at the apex of their ecosystem, meaning the environment in which they live will unravel without them. Speaking through ancient and modern prophecy and the many humans who communicate with them, these White Spirit Animals are urgently calling to humanity to restore balance and protect our animal kin, ourselves, and the earth".    For the second half of the show T and T discuss their book UFO HOSTILITIES AND THE EVIL ALIEN AGENDA  and how UFOs could doom life on earth. They tend to toss out the ETH for a belief in such concepts as the Hop Goblin Universe, the computer simulation theory, the hollow  earth and more cutting edge theories. Free newsletter

Our Strange and Mysterious World with Stephen Sindoni and Jason Jarrell

Whether it be things such as The Philadelphia Experiment, ancient giants, or the reality of the inner Earth, we live in a very strange and mysterious world. In ages past, people saw wonderful miracles and supernatural horrors almost every day of their lives. As our knowledge increased, the things that we once saw as blessing or curses from gods and spirits were better understood and less mysterious. However, despite our new age of rational thinking and reason, things still happen in life that seem to defy any sort of rational explanation. Science has been able to crack open some of these mysteries. But science still has a long way to go to explain everything that we don't understand.  We must keep an open mind and humble enough to not instantly dismiss things that can’t be easily explained.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Helen Duncan - Outstanding Physical Medium? Witch? Spy? Hoaxer?

BEN EMLYN-JONES has thoroughly investigated the case of Helen Duncan, a spirit medium in England who was accused of being a witch, convicted and sent to prison under the Witchcraft Act of 1735 -- except the year of her conviction was 1944. It is said she could manifest full body spirits and call upon the dead to receive information about current and future events she could not possibly know about otherwise. JACK KENNA is a member of the paranormal teams of S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England, San Diego Ghost Hunters and Extreme Paranormal Encounter Response Team. He is also a Senior Engineering Technician for the Department of the Army. Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz are mesmerized by the haunting tales of the supernatural as told by these two outstanding guests on the paranormal. Free newsletter

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Surfing With The Aliens: UFO Rock "N' Roll Hookup

Pick up your six string guitar and join musicians MERRELL FRANKHAUSER and KEVIN ESTRELLA as they discuss their rock and roll careers with Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts TIM BECKLEY and TIM R. SWARTZ. From the Ella Fitzgerald hit "Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer" released in 1951 to Katy Perry's E.T. in 2010, pop music has been inspired by UFOs. Elvis saw UFOs. Hendrix insisted his life was saved by an alien with wings. Frankhauser's career began in the Sixties with the instrumental surf rock group The Impacts whose album "Wipe Out" is now revered as one of the era's best surf rock albums. He discusses his many sightings in Hawaii and how his music has been inspired by Ultra-terrestrials. Estrella's is best known for his album "Pyramids on Mars: Music From the Mystical Red Planet" Kevin says that in 2014 an inter-dimensional craft flew within 100 years of him. He has had contact at least three more times with craft of unearthly origin. Beckley breaks in to tells us of the recent UFO revelations of Dave Davids of the Kinks. Free newsletter

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Screwing with the Aliens-- Rape or Uplifting Experience?

A real life Shape of Water. Hoboken artist DAVID HUGGINS tells us how he dropped his pants when he saw Crescent the space gal from another place and time. Counter cultural Prankster-Discordian ADAM GORIGHTLY poses key questions along with Exploring The Bizarre ( hosts TIM BECKLEY and TIM SWARTZ who have an eye toward skepticism, but give the gray haired gentleman the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his sexy luv for the space lady he has known since he lost his virginity to her at the age of 17.  Guests also discuss history of cross breeding between the Ultra-terrestrials and humans. Some have found it an uplifting experience (pardon the pun) while others have cried rape. Its an historical fact cross breeding does apparently happen. Looks like ETs sees this as their red light district.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

See The Future, And Cross Your Fingers OK?

Psychics LAMONT (MONTE) HAMILTON and MELISSA BRYAN are here as this episode of Exploring the Bizarre (KCORradio) takes you into the future.  Shock paranormal jocks TIM BECKLEY and TIM SWARTZ call upon the "crystal ball" gazers to tell us what it will be like down the road, as well as reveal to the masses what has taken them "one step beyond" in their own personal lives.  Melissa is Little Feather, 16th Gr. Granddaughter of Elder White Feather of the VA Iroquois People who discovered at an early age her family's rich history of Native American heritage and links to metaphysical abilities. LaMont is a minister, Reiki master, registered Hypnotherapist who remembers having psychic experiences and Angel contacts since the age of eight. They promise to tell all! Sure thing! Free newsletter -

Friday, March 9, 2018


Exploring the Bizarre ( guests NICK REDFERN and NEIL PACKER contend that consciousness is far more radical and complicated than we are lead to believe. And furthermore, that our most extensive thoughts can be manifested in the appearance of such 'imaginary" beings as the supposedly "fictitious" character known as Slenderman, as well as in the haunting of "ordinary" objects. Slenderman's existence began on the internet, but he didn't stay online. He may be a tulpa, a thought form that can stride out of our darkest imaginations and into reality if enough people believe in it. In 2014, two young girls almost killed a friend in the name of the Slenderman. Nick asks why? While Neil takes us on a guided tour of his "Haunted Antiques Paranormal Researcher Centre" in Hinckley, UK which houses dozens of mysterious objects that are said to have a life of their own. Two paranormal puzzles for hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz to wonder along with what promises to be an enthralled audience. Free newsletter

Friday, March 2, 2018

Traveling the "Twilight Zone" of Space And Time

Travel guide publisher MICHAEL BREIN and paranormalist ROSEMARY ELLEN GUILEY take Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz on a global junket to places where you are likely to be embraced by a supernatural experience. If could be inside the Great Pyramid, or a hidden "window area" in the highlands of Scotland, or perhaps in your own state where UFOs and Bigfoot are teaming up to puzzle and bedazzle. You never quite know says Guiley and Brein when the paranormal bug will strike and lead the way to a great new adventure in your life. Their exciting new book is "The Road to Strange: UFOs, Aliens and High Strangeness" published by Visionary Living where hundreds of experiencers discuss their travel itinerary that put them into the middle of the "twilight zone." Free newsletter at

Monday, February 26, 2018

Paranormal Slime: Ghostbusters, Ectoplasm, Ultra-Terrestrials, Alien Orbs

Its a world so bizarre that SHANNON TAGGART and LES VELEZ had to join Exploring the Bizarre (KCORradio) hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz to discuss how they have both been wrapped up in a cocoon for the majority of their lives. Shannon is an award winning photographer who has traveled to seances around the world in a quest to find and record on camera authentic cases of "ectoplasm" -- the elusive substance that is said to be both spiritual and material and which was bought to the attention of millions in the Ghostbusters" movie as ghostly slime. Les is a graduate of the University of Vermont who holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has served in the U.S. Army. He has been a UFO experiencer as well as a field investigator for MUFON and Chairman of the Abduction Experiencer Research Committee. Both have some very strange tales to tell and we guaranteed you will be glued to your seats during the program -- especially if your chair needs to be de-slimed! Free newsletter

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dowsing, Ley Lines, Energy Grids, the “Black Box” Ultra-Dimensional Beings

JIM WILLS and ED KELLY are dowsers not witch doctors. But they do not limit themselves to searching for water, oil or even precious metals. Exploring the Bizarre ( co hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz get the researchers to discuss their involvement in the bizarre world of radionics. Earth energies, quantum dowsing, Ley lines, cross-cultural spirituality and the mysteries of the unknown, including the connection with haunted houses, Ultra-Dimensional Beings and UFOs. Ed was an active collaborator on what is known as the “black box” with such giants as T. Galen Hieronymus, Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden, Robert Beck, and Robert Beutlich, among many, many others, and was one of the organizing members of the United States Psychotronics Association. Jim earned his master’s degree in theology from Andover Newton Theological School and has taught college courses in comparative religion and has been an ordained minister for over 40 years. His soon to be released book is “Quantum Dowsing: A New Understanding of an Ancient Craft.” This show makes what many think is a complex topic very easy to comprehend. Free newsletter

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Haunted Chestnut Ridge- Cryptids,Secret Agents, Kecksburg UFO Crash Pilot Reported!

"Supreme researchers" STAN GORDON and PAUL ENO join Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz as they explore the remote rural areas of Pennsylvania where many types of unexplained phenomena have co existed since the 1970s along what is best known as Chestnut Ridge. There have been dramatic Bigfoot, Dogman, and Thunderbird sightings as well as encounters with mysterious "government" and "military" agents awash in the events which have been spread out over several decades. Stan updates the famous UFO crash at Kecksburg and reveals for the first time that a pilot might have been on board the downed craft which has been described as everything from an extraterrestrial space ship to a Nazi built flying bell. Paul reveals how in the last couple of years he has found himself mixed up in an ongoing flap which even includes the sighting of lizard and shadow people not to mention Bigfoot and low level UFO encounters. The movie "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge" produced and directed by Seth Breedlove (Small Town Monsters) and featuring Stan Gordon is also reviewed. Free newsletter

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weird Winged Wonders - High Flying Cryptids and Humanoids

Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz have long known its a weird universe we live in -- much stranger than we have been lead to believe. Cryptid researcher JONATHAN WHITCOMB confirms this as he joins us to discuss his enigmatic journey around the world in search of mysterious flying creatures, exploring eyewitness encounters with the winged wonders that were thought to exist only in myths and legends. HERCULES INVICTUS discusses his Greek heritage and proclaims that the Gods of Mount Olympus are NOT dead, but have been seen hovering in the sky above the Greek Isles where he was born. They are dozens of them and they are all "super heros" to those of know and welcome their existence. Both guests have contributed to the book (on Amazon) WEIRD WINGED WONDERS compiled by Beckley's team of hand picked investigators including Brad Steiger, Allen Greenfield, Scott Corralles, Sean Casteel. Free newsletter

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Residents of the Daimonic Reality

Rather than G-Man, they called him "X-Man" in the FBI.  John DeSouza  spent more than 25 years in the FBI as a Special Agent who maintained a Top Secret security clearance and worked counter-terrorism and violent crime cases.   DeSouza, along with guest host Susan Demeter-St. Clair,  says that there is more to our reality than we can perceive with our normal senses. Since the beginning of history, people have theorized that there are other worlds that co-exist alongside of our own. Paranormal and spiritual experiences are used as examples of these extradimensional realities, yet, empirical evidence has been difficult to obtain.
Because we are all residents of a multi-dimensional universe, but are conscious of ourselves only in a three-dimensional world, our normal level of consciousness (which includes science, which is born of this consciousness) is inadequate to think beyond three dimensions. Even though modern science has not caught up to the theories of extradimensional consciousness, that has not stopped manifestations that seem to originate from beyond our reality. These mysterious events seem to interact with us using ways that are often incomprehensible or absurd by nature. Possibly this is because they operate on properties of space-time, or on a multi-dimensional reality in which our space-time is a subset.
This episode on Exploring the Bizarre, John DeSouza and guest-host Susan Demeter-St. Clair will discuss consciousness, extra-dimensionality and the "other" that manifests itself into this reality.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

LSD, CIA, Mind Control, MKUltra = Bad Acid!

Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz agree with our guests that the mind is a dangerous thing to manipulate!  Producer/author PAUL DAVIDS reveals how he was involved with an LSD laced series of CIA sponsored hypnotic experiments while at Princeton. Some were driven "crazy." Assassinations might have been involved with the overall scheme of things. See his new book "Blowing America's Mind." -- OLAV PHILLIPS is a conspiracy researcher, writer, author and publisher, who specializes in the Secret Space Program, exotic aircraft, high technology, foreign police. Here we talk about the new book "Occult Secrets of the Third Reich,"  published by Beckley's Conspiracy Journal with a contributing chapter by Phillips.  We cover a lot of ground. Its very frightening stuff. Free newsletter

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pookas, Fairies and Other Mysterious Creatures

Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swarts discuss "things that lurk in the dark" with guests MARIA D. JONES and VARLA VENTURA.There are, state these author/researchers, mysterious creatures that haunt the dark places of both our planet and our minds. When the world was much younger, and people were few, the places outside the villages were dangerous. This danger came not only from wild predators such as wolves or bears, but also from things that tear you limb from limb and devour your soul in the process. Here are the devils, demons, angels, pookas and changelings and a lot more beside. Free newsletter

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Stranger At The Pentagon: Val Thor And Other Venusian Walk-Ins!

The UFO contactees of the 1950s and 60s knew the score; that the Ultra-Terrestrials they communicated with were arriving here from Venus and looked so human that they were believed to be living amongst us. Exploring the Bizarre( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz get the low down on our visitors from space as they speak with author DR RAYMOND KELLER and film producer CRAIG CAMPOBASSO. Beckley admits he loves the contactee yarns but admits some of their stories lacked validation. JULIE STRANGES wife of the late FRANK -- STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON -- STRANGES joins us to confirm her husband's encounter(s) with this Nordic-like "Venusian" who has become a full on member of the UFO pop culture, believe the story of a spaceman with NO finger prints and a space suite that cannot be destroyed or not. Free newsletter for all our books and activities from

Saturday, January 13, 2018

As The Paranormal World Turns: Phantoms, Monsters, UFO Disclosure

Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz -- hosts of Exploring the Bizarre ( talk shop with cryptid researcher, LON STRICKLER, Radio Misterioso's GREG BISHOP, and the always light on his paranormal feet ALLEN GREENFIELD. Its an offbeat but upbeat review of 2017's worlds within world, as the existence of parallel universes become more acceptable, sightings of Mothman over Chicago draw media attention, and the NY Times UFO cover story brings us closer to exposing the Cosmic Watergate (or does it?). Greenfield reveals he had over a synchronicities after reading "THE MATRIX CONTROL SYSTEM OF PHILIP K DICK." Oh, and join us as we attempt to identify a dozen unexplainable Fortean sounds. Yes! We've come a long way in the last 12 months. Don't you agree? Give your opinion and get a Free Newsletter at

Friday, January 12, 2018


Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz probe one of the most sensational UFO crash cases out of the UK. RUSS KELLET has set up The British UFO hunters (B.U.F.O.H.) a group of UFO investigators and researchers that conducts unbiased scientific research into UFO sightings, abduction and related phenomena. He shares a wealth of information, including accounts of his own abductions. FLORCITA VIOLETA is a Virginia mother and UFO experiencer. Visitors to Flori's home often complained of feeling uncomfortable. In fact, once, a guest minister from their church refused to even set foot on the property, claiming that he sensed demonic presences associated with witchcraft. The high strangeness continued with Flori, who along with her best friend, experienced a UFO encounter in early 2016. Even though both women recorded the event, the video's mysteriously vanished from both of their phones. Free newsletter -