Friday, May 11, 2018


Renowned UFO researcher and paranormal pioneer Brad Steiger passed away on May 6th after a prolonged illness. Over the course of 50 plus years, Brad wrote nearly 200 books on a wide variety of Fortean, Psychic and "New Age" topics. He has to this day millions of devoted fans who have consumed his work in a variety of languages worldwide since the mid 1950s when he wrote his first paperback on ghosts. He lectured and traveled widely along with wife Sherry Steiger who co-authored numerous books with Brad and shared his interest in unexplained phenomena.
Join us as Exploring the Bixarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz speak with Brad in what is believed to be his finally interview recorded just before Halloween Published on Oct 31, 2017 . . . Legendary paranormal author Brad Steiger and podcaster Samantha Scarlette joined us to celebrate their favorite horror-filled "holiday." Yes! You should be afraid of the dark insists the veteran UFOlogist and paranormal pioneer.
Steiger who, before his passing, was already legendary as a writer/researcher on UFOs, monsters, haunted dwellings is considered among the top Fortean researchers in the world. Samantha is the host of "Blackout" On Idobi Radio, the owner of MK-Ultra 90 Clothing and is also an alternative model. She is thought to be the only female rocker to perform while in aerial suspension. It was a great show that should not be "lost" so we are posting for all to enjoy. Free newsletter -

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