Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Paranormal Side Of Pets - Taming The Wild Beast

Who let the dogs out? Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome animal communicators KAREN ANDERSON and JUNE LUNDGREN who profess that our pets have a spiritual side, can "talk" to humans, and solve a variety of cold crime cases, including kidnappings, murders and adultery. To many of us our pets are considered part of the family. Anyone that has shared their home with an animal will attest that their pet seems to be a lot more aware of what is going on around them then most animal behaviorists would care to admit. Both guests will discuss what it is like not only to talk with the animals, but also reach out to departed human spirits as well. This is a very unusual program, for very unusual people -- and animals as well!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Rocking UFOs: A Tribute to Helen Wheels and Arthur "Killer" Kane of the NY Dolls

Its Glam Rock and Punk Rock and UFOs. Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome PETER ROBBINS who discusses the alien abduction experience of his famous punk rocker sister HELEN WHEELS. He is joined by BARBARA KANE wife of the late ARTHUR "KILLER" KANE bass player for the NY Dolls (platform shoes, teased hair and makeup) Helen was the founder of the Helen Wheels Band whose songs include "Room to Rage" and "Carry My Own Weight," She was also a songwriter and costume designer for the Blue Oyster Cult and received two gold and one platinum album for her work. Barbara and Arthur were married for thirty years before Arthur's death from leukemia in 2004. The couple used to attend Beckley's UFO conferences and it turns out, as Barbara reveals for the first time on the air, she is a UFO contactee and has undergone missing time. Its a wonderful show that will keep you rocking and tapping your feet and experiencing higher realms of consciousness. Free newsletter