Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bigfoot, The Greys-- Walkers Between 2 Worlds?

Exploring the Bizarre ( guests JEANNETTE LA TULIPPE and DON YOUNG JR. do not believe Bigfoot and other Cryptids are flesh and blood, but walk between two worlds -- the world of our reality, and the paranormal "Twilight Zone."  For decades, investigators have scoured the forests seeking evidence that Bigfoot
is real. Bigfoot hunters have come back with plaster casts of footprints, photos and videos, and even audio recordings of something strange screaming in the dark. Yet, despite the collection of physical evidence the creature remains elusive, always able to fade quickly back into the shadows.
Hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz lead the conversation with Jeannette who say she has been experiencing encounters with a variety of entities since she was a small child. A great deal of her investigation centers around her experiences and sightings in the Winema National Forest in the Cascade Mountains. Author of "Trail of the Sasquatch," Dong Young Jr has studied with the native Shamans and claims to have had multiple encounters with strange forest dwellers and spirits. PHYSICAL or PSYCHIC MANIFESTATION? Join the debate.  Free newsletter

Mad World of Philip K. Dick, The Matrix, Men in Black, Unexplained Transmissions

Join Exploring the Bizarre hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz
as they welcome back TESSA DICK wife of the great science
fiction visionary Philip K Dick (Blade Runner, Total Recall,
Man in the High Castle).  SMILES LEWIS the founder of Anomaly Archives
(Houston, TX) bolsters the conversation which takes in a wide
variety of topics from PKD's "kidnapping" at the hands of the notorious
UFO Silencers, to Tessa's take on the anomalies experienced by
her late husband who saw our world as a computer simulation and
his ability to spin stories into alternate realities. He also warned us of the
police state in which we live and how on "some level" the Nazis won World War
II, and the Empire Never Ended.