Friday, June 15, 2018

Evil Aliens! UFO Hostilities! Fiery Radioactive Burns!

Special Guests Canadian CHRIS RUTKOWSKI and Britisher NIGEL WATSON come to Exploring the Bizarre ( packed with great tales of UFO intrigue and alien hostilities. Hosts TIM BECKLEY and TIM SWARTZ listen awestruck as the cases unfold -- informed of the fact that not all UFOs are piloted by sweet, kind-hearted spacemen. But that they may be responsible for attacks on homes, disruption of power sources (we had one right on the air, no kidding!), radiation sickness, paralysis and attempts to bring down our planes. Chris is the primary investigator of the Falcoln Lake UFO Incident which transpired 50 years ago (the Canadian govt. has even issued a $20 commemorative coin in honor of the encounter, and a annual UFO festival is held near the landing spot) in which a witness was badly burned. Its a good physical trace case to be sure that was even dramatized on TV's popular " "Unsolved Mysteries." Get he scoop with photos by getting Chris's book. Link leads to our blog with lots of photos and information on this sensational case. An historical one! And speaking of historic cases Nigel takes us back to WWI and the first sightings of foo fighters, strange objects with powerful torch lights and what even could be some humanoid encounters. Nigel writes for the "Fortean Times" and is author of numerous sensational books posted on Amazon. He contributed to our own work recently published "UFO Hostilities and the Alien Evil Agenda." Both these fabulous researchers know their stuff -- Hey other podcasters why don't you put on some different guests for a change? These guys are super! Free catalog at

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