Thursday, June 14, 2018

UFO Hostilities! Evil Alien Agenda! Revelations of Ex CIA Man!

Guests ALAN GODFREY and ex-CIA DERREL SIMS provide startling revelations on the TRUE nature of the UFO "invasion." in our sky -- and on the ground. "Exploring the Bizarre" ( hosts TIM BECKLEY and TIM SWARTZ listen to some of the wildest and scariest tales of abductions by various Ultra-terrestrial races as well as the possible murder of a British citizen. Godfrey is an retired British police offer who found the body of a slain man -- Zigmund Adamski -- atop a coal pile with burn marks to the crown of the head and a large burn mark at the nape of the neck. Adamski had been missing for six days. In addition to this strange occurrence, though officer Godfrey had no prior interest, six months later he had his own encounter at 5 AM along a deserted road. Sims admits to being a retired member of the "agency" He reveals that he first encountered the evil grays at an early age and has collected implants from others who claim to have been abducted. What do the aliens want? What will they likely do to you if they "pick you up?" Free newsletter at Conspiracy -

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