Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Men of Mystery: Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr
Here are the weirdest -- but most important -- inventions created by two of the greatest minds of our time. History Channel consultant TIM SWARTZ is the author of "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla," "The Miracle of Nikola Tesla's Purple Energy Plates" and "Men of Mystery." These are inspired revelations never aired before. HERE IS THEIR STORIES... THE UNTOLD STORIES OF INVENTOR AND WIZARD NIKOLA TESLA AND FREE ENERGY FLYING SAUCER BUILDER OTIS T. CARR Here are plans for a "Telephone" to call other planets. . .An apparatus that can read the human aura. . .a disc-shaped craft that can take us to the moon in under an hour. NIKOLA TESLA - Though chosen to share the 1912 Nobel Prize in Physics with Edison, Tesla refused the award and during his life tore up royalty contracts which would have earned him millions of dollars. Not much is known about this "strange" loner as Tesla spent most of his life in total seclusion. However, those who did know him even slightly say he was not a normal human, but a real SUPERMAN, either a reincarnated master -- or a spaceman with superior mental powers placed here to assist in earth's technological development. OTIS T. CARR - A student of Tesla's, the Baltimore-based engineer believed that every person should have the opportunity to travel to other planets which he believed to be inhabited by human-looking space people as physical as you and I. Based on conversations with his mentor, Carr constructed a flying saucer-shaped device that he believed would take us to the moon and beyond. He received much ridicule and harassment that eventually landed him in jail under bogus charges of fraud -- the government claiming that it is impossible to create an operational free energy device. History has made Tesla out to be merely a scientist and an engineer when he was really MUCH MORE. There is an entirely different part of his live story -- and it is an UNEARTHLY ONE! Free newsletter --

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