Saturday, December 16, 2017

Aliens! Poltergeist! Orbs! Krampus! Satan! Dero! – A Mad Universe Indeed!

BEWARE. . .FOR HERE THERE BE SPIRITS! –- This week on Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley an Tim Swartz engage SHAWN WHITTINGTON and PAUL DALE ROBERTS in a haunting conversation. Both guests have had extensive experiences and face to face encounters with things that dwell within the dark boundaries that often witness madness. Whittington is a devout Catholic and an ordained Spiritual Warfare minister, so he tends to see Satan behind almost every paranormal experience. While Roberts has photographed UFOs on several occasions (once near Mt Shasta) and has tangled face to face with those mysterious orbs. God Vs. Evil in the paranormal? You be the judge. Free newsletter from

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