Wednesday, December 13, 2017

All That Glitters - The Glam Rock Saga of Tim Beckley

The crew of ILLOGICAL CONTRAPTION get their legendary guest to open up and come clean on a variety of topics. Most know TIM BECKLEY  as "Mr UFO" or his horror movie persona of "Mr Creepo." But he has had many other adventures in his extensive career. Back at the height of the NY glam rock scene he was identifiable as the champion promoter  glitter rock, promoting bands and in general hanging out with groups like Teenage Lust, the Magic Tramps, the Harlots of 42nd Street, Satan the Eternal Fireman, Blue Ocean, and the NY Dolls. Many times he was in the same rehearsal studio as Kiss, Talent Recon on Times Square.  He was even on Edgar Winter's Frankenstein album (there is a funny story here) and he was "cool" enough to have David Bowie mention him in his biography. Beckley remains in touch with remembers of these illustrious groups and plans to write a book on the glam rock scene and welcomes photos and interviews from this era at Beckley also discusses his dozen and one synchronicities, as well as living in a computer simulation. Read "The Matrix Control System of Philip K Dick and the Paranormal Synchronicities of Timothy Green Beckley").

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