Monday, September 25, 2017

Inside UFOs With The CIA - Top Secret!

Join Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R Swartz as they go deep inside covert operations of both the aliens and our earthly intelligence organizations. LARRY HANCOCK has long explored the workings of the CIA and the FBI and the "Shadow Warfare" practices of these hush-hush groups. In his recently published "Unidentified: The National Intelligence Problem of UFOs," Hancock brings his knowledge of cultural anthropology, military history and national security subjects to examine UFOs, concluding that both military and civilian intelligence groups failed to resolve what was once official stated to be a serious security and air defense problem. And go off world with UFOlogist PRESTON DENNETT to examines some of the most bizarre ultra-terrestrial encounters as described in his recently released "Inside UFOs: True Accounts of Contact With Extraterrestrials." -- You will meet all sorts of weird beings on board these dazzling craft. The program moves along at high velocity warp speed! -- Get FREE newsletter at

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