Saturday, October 7, 2017

Aliens/UFOs Materialize on Mt Shasta: Consciousness Shift In Works!

Pony on up and listen as Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz question GRANT CAMERON and PETER DAVENPORT. The National UFO Reporting Center director discloses what over a hundred thousand anamalous reports of aerial phenomena reveal and how the Center has been fielding sightings for 40+ years and remains undaunted
in an attempt to resolve the mystery. GRANT tells us that the Presidents know more than we think they do about UFOs, but that its a "slow leak," and not very likely that any head of state will go on the news and tell us out right we are being visited. The discussion takes several sharp turns and the author of "Charlie Red Star" and  "Managing Magic" discloses little known facts about Canada's Wilbert Smith who  established communications as far back as the 1950-60s. He also tells us about an amazing series of ET contacts on the sloops of Mount Shasta where the beings actually materialized for many witnesses to see. UFOs are providing us with a massive shift in consciousness, so says CAMERON who is the only Disclosure icon our hosts take series. Free newsletter

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