Monday, October 30, 2017

Howling Ghosts, Screaming Ghouls, Walls of Dripping Blood

Yes! You should be afraid of the dark insists veteran paranormal researcher BRAD STEIGER and alternative rock singer/song writer SAMANTHA SCARLETTE. Exploring the Bizarre's   Tim Swartz and Tim Beckley (  usher in the Fall season a time when the summer is replaced by the cold, weary rains of autumn and the dank smell of soon to be winters. They come out only at night. An homage to those who once ruled the dark places and nightmares.  Steiger is a living legend who has written widely on UFOs, monsters, haunted dwellings. Currently,  he has over one hundred books in print and is considered among the top Fortean researchers in the world. Samantha is the host of "Blackout" On Idobi Radio, the owner of MK-Ultra 90 Clothing and is also an alternative model. She is thought to be the only female rocker to perform while in aerial suspension. Free newsletter -

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