Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Women In The Paranormal - History's Finest!. Today's Best! Weirdness!

Don't call them sweethearts. Call them today's most informed PSI researchers. SHAWN ROBBINS, "Good Witches Guide" author tracked Russian subs for the CIA and has long been considered one of America's top psychics. JILL HEINEN investigates haunted cemeteries, residences and historical landmarks for the Paranormal Moms Society (PMS).and Apex Paranormal. JEN DEVILLIER is a medium/spiritual teacher/lecturer and author of "Dark Night Haunting." CLAUDIA CUNNINGHAM i-- known as the MIB Lady to hosts Tim and Tim -- discusses spooky places in and around Albany,NY. Hear EXPLORING THE BIZARRE is live every Thursday on at 10 PM Eastern/7 PM Pacific. One of the hottest UFO/paranormal podcasts you will ever find. Free newsletter at - We are out of this world!

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