Monday, August 21, 2017

LEGEND TRIPPING: Paranormal Highway to Hell

If you're bored with traditional museums, overly expensive theme parks and decaying tourists traps, then perhaps it is time to wander down Route 666, the highway to hell to seek out places that are truly in the realm of the weird. Join hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz as they welcome ANNA MARIA ELISA MANALO and MICHAEL HUNTINGTON to the Exploring the Bizarre crypt. Here are bone chilling -- first person -- accounts on everything from the Hopkinsville, KY alien invasion to the Muddy Monster who forgot to clean his feet before hitting the carpet. Anna opens with a horrific account of her father's suicide after being harassed by a mothman-type creature who peeked through his second floor bedroom window. Anna also discusses her fascination with horror films and tells us about several screenplays she is currently working on. Michael travels around the USA to historical UFO/occult hotspots. With a long time interest in cryptozoology he recently traveled to Chicago to find the locations to some of the most recent winged creature attacks. This show went by so fast it was like traveling First Class on a 747 (seems like we did)! Free newsletter at

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